Friday, January 27, 2012

There Once Was A Boy Who Liked Nonsense

I recently gave my kiddo a homeschooling Literature assignment of writing a haiku and a limerick.  I thought it would help him to better remember what haikus and limericks were all about plus I thought it would be a fun thing for him to do.  Apparently he thought it was torture - LOL!

He did his best to write silly nonsense of course, but his limerick did make me laugh.  I suppose some could read it and think it sounds a bit violent, but if you knew my kid you would realize he's just being silly - and a boy.  :)

Here's your literary enrichment for the day:

Somebody once bumped right into me.
He started to walk away rudely.
He was then at my side
When I whacked his poor hide,
And then he began crying profusely.

Do your kids love silliness and nonsense as much as my kid?  Have a sweet & silly day friends!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Official Homeschooling Post

Since I am homeschooling the kiddo for 7th grade this year (and this will probably be the only year), I wanted to post about what I'm teaching and what texts, etc. we're using.  I wanted to post about it a couple months ago, but I'm trying to get caught up!  The very homeschooling itself has caused me to get behind in everything!<-----And I wrote all that about 3 months ago so I am really behind!  :)

I guess you would say I'm doing more of a traditional homeschooling approach, but let's call it flexible traditional.  We do some subjects on Monday/Wednesday and some on Tuesday/Thursday.  Fridays are for testing and catch up with afternoons free usually (though we are often running errands that day).  Since the kiddo will most likely be back to our fave little Christian school for 8th grade, I'm following their 7th grade subjects as much as possible though not with all the same texts.

So here's what we're learning ('cause I'm learning most of it too!):

Bible {every day}:  New Testament (KJV) and Balancing The Sword (Vision Forum)
History {M/W}:  World History (Bob Jones) - an old 10th grade edition - oops!
Geography {M/W}:  World geography using
Literature {M/W}:  World Literature (A Beka)
Grammar {M/W}:  Easy Grammar Ultimate Series (Grade 8)
Science {T/Th}:  Space & Earth Science (Bob Jones)
Math {T/Th}:  Course 3 (Pre Algebra) {Saxon} - another homeschooled friend at the same math level comes over and I teach both boys at the same time
Computer {T/Th}:  Blogging, Word, Excel - we are way behind on this and haven't done much yet
Composition {T}:  Total Language Plus - he attends classes taught for homeschoolers once a week
P.E. {M/W/Th} - Various exercises and activities assigned by me!
Fun stuff:  Lego Engineering Class {F}- taught for homeschoolers; attends with a friend
                 Boy Scouts {T}- meetings once a week plus several campouts & outings - he LOVES it and hubs is trained and goes on campouts too
                 On Stage {W} - singing/performance class taught at our Christian school to get kids used to being on stage and performing
Reading {every day}:  Working on 20 books for our Christian school's Junior High reading list - he'll have finished 8 of them by the end of this month [Around the World in 80 Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Pilgrim's Progress, Oliver Twist, The Hobbit, Hans Brinker, Johnny Tremain, Through Gates of Splendor]

During our second half of the year, he'll be taking some tennis classes and piano lessons.  He has been bugging me to get him into both things and since we have more time this year because of homeschooling - we'll make it happen!  We also have a series of health DVDs from Vision Forum that we'll be watching.

I wish that I was a *cool* homeschooling mom who did unit studies to tie everything together and lots of field trips, but it's just not me.  But I do the best that I can and we're moving right along.  Kiddo would prefer to be back in school (mainly because he's an only child and misses being with the other kids all day, not just seeing them occasionally) but he says that he likes the way we're doing school so far and hasn't asked me to change anything  - other than he'd like to avoid the writing class (his weakest but most needed subject)!  Science is his favorite subject.

That's it for now I think!  I'm happy that God has given me the strength and knowledge to do this and I do enjoy the time with our sweet (but silly) boy.

Hope you are having a good year of schooling no matter which kind of schooling you are doing!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The One Pic Christmas

I'm the worst about taking pics at Christmas!  I guess it's because we have such a small family and only exchange a small number of gifts.  And because I like to enjoy the moments without having to worry about taking pics I suppose.  So I took a pic of the kiddo the day after!

That remote control helicopter was his fave gift!  He's already pretty good at flying it too!

We know that being able to buy gifts for each other is quite a blessing that we are very thankful for.  But we would enjoy Christmas and praise the Lord just as much if we had no gifts!

We had a quiet Christmas morning.  Got up nice and early, but couldn't figure out why hubs wanted to start opening gifts before I at least started some coffee for myself.  That's because he got me a Keurig!  What a lovely blessing!  Don't know where he got the idea unless it was from me constantly pointing them out and saying "Hello Keurig" every time a commercial came on - LOL!!

We sent kiddo hunting for the helicopter.  He loves it when we give him clues to follow to find his gift.  I remembered that at about midnight Christmas Eve of course.  That's when hubs confessed that he had come up with clues for *me* to follow, but we could just use them for kiddo instead.  Perfect!  And what hubs didn't know was that I had secretly bought a remote control helicopter for him too (awesome Vision Forum deal that I couldn't pass up!) - and I came up with clues for him to follow!  It makes for lots of fun!

After opening gifts, we enjoyed a breakfast of Baked Caramel French Toast, fruit salad, and bacon - oh and COFFEE - LOL!  And then, the best part about Christmas being on a Sunday - we went to worship!

After we came back, it was solid cooking for me as I had much to finish for Christmas dinner.  We had 2 of hubs' brothers over for dinner.  We had ham, scalloped potatoes, parmesan green beans, salad, beer bread, and cranberry butter.  For dessert there was peppermint-chocolate ice cream pie and cranberry-raspberry mousse chocolate cake.  Yes, we were full!  The brothers hung around the next day too and we had leftovers of course!

It was a blessed and enjoyable Christmas!  I even managed to get some decorations up on Christmas Eve (I know, I know) which helped things feel more festive.  But NO pics  - except the one the day after.  Maybe I'll do better this year?  Maybe I'll have two pics?  :)

I pray that you all had a lovely Christmas and that your new year is full of blessings!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)