Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Class Boy Scout

Our son has been in Boy Scouts for about a year and a half now and he LOVES it!!  He has learned so many great skills and has been on lots of fun outings.  We are blessed to be part of a troop that's affiliated with our Christian school, so we already know most of the families and get along great with the others.  Hubs has really gotten into it too - he's completed several kinds of training and is now an Assistant Scout Master.

It's amazing what they learn in Scouts - so much more than knots and lashings!  My son can use a knife and an axe, build a fire, plan and cook a meal, and soooo much more.  He's also certified in first aid and CPR.  He has further developed leadership skills and is learning how to work with many types of personalities.  We're very proud of what he's accomplished so far!

The kiddo just recently earned his First Class Rank {and a special new hat!} and had to give a speech to the audience at the Court of Honor.  He wrote the speech himself and delivered it very well!  I thought I would include the video here in case you're interested.  I think you'll have to really turn up the volume to hear it though.

Congrats kiddo on your new rank!!  We look forward to watching you learn and grow along the journey to becoming an Eagle Scout!

Do you have a Boy Scout or know any?

Have a blessed day friends!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Minute Friday ~ Brave

I've been wanting to try this for so long - and I guess my only excuse for not doing it sooner is that I was a bit scared, but who doesn't have 5 minutes?  So I'm trying it for the first time here at my cozy little more-personal blog - less scary.  :)  Do you feel the need to just write?  Stop over at The Gypsy Mama every Friday for her 5-minute writing prompt and go for it!

Today's subject is BRAVE.  Eek - nervous at the thought of putting unedited thoughts out there!

OK, Starting now...

When I think of being brave, my first thoughts go to knights of old with their armor and shields standing ready for battle.  And then I think of the soldiers of today.  I'm so thankful that they and their families sacrifice so much for our country.  They are truly brave.

But then I think of bravery that occurs every day, in the Christian soldier's walk of life.  This life here on earth is not easy - and much harder for some than others.  I have friends with medical struggles, financial struggles, marriage struggles and more.  It takes bravery just to face and get through each day.

But we can look to the Lord - to be our strength and our shield.  I can be much braver with a huge shield in front of me and the knowledge that I have the strength of a thousand armies behind me.  It makes me stand a little taller, put my hands on my hips and say "Bring it on."

And Stop!

Um, wow - that's it???  I need more time - LOL!!  I think through my thoughts too much before getting them out and now I see why I'm such a very slow blogger.  :)  We're supposed to leave this unedited or else I think I would take back the "bring it on" part!  :)

Oh my, but it does feel good to just write and not worry about the editing part (although I confess I correct spellings and fix phrases as I go - cannot help it!).  Now why don't you give it a try?

Thanks for stopping by my little blog - I will be posting on my main blog later today (with a giveaway - woo hoo!) too.

Smiling in the sunshine {except that it's raining nonstop, but I know there's sunshine up there somewhere},
Lisa  :)