Friday, November 25, 2011

And Now My Son Is 12

Well I'm LATE with this post as this occurred a few months ago!  Things have been so busy that I haven't had time to hop over here to my little happy place blog!  :)  This whole homeschooling thing has overtaken my life  - LOL!

My son had his 12th birthday this year which amazes me!  I thought it would be no big deal as I waited for his 13th birthday to be the one to hit me hard.  But this one did affect me and I got a little teary-eyed because I can see the changes starting to happen as he transitions to being a young man.  Sigh.  It's bittersweet, isn't it?

We didn't have a party for him this year since we plan to do something big for him when he turns 13.  But hubs had the day off and we spent the entire day doing whatever kiddo wanted - breakfast out, a movie, mini golf, dinner, and dessert!  So yes, a party probably would have been cheaper - LOL!  He enjoyed his special day and ended with his fave restaurant dessert - Tahoe Joe's cheesecake!  I did make cupcakes for him - but did it a couple days later so we could share them with friends.

On his actual birthday he was coming back from a Boy Scout backpacking trip, so I wanted to do a little something - I taped crepe paper across his door and tied it in several places in his room (though you can't see that).  He enjoyed it!

Because I'm so classy, he got his birthday cheesecake served up on some newspaper (so it wouldn't spill on the table) and still in the plastic to-go container (it stuck to the sides and wouldn't have come out in 1 piece)!  I had bday candles and planned to just put 3 or so in his cheesecake, but he wanted ALL 12 - LOL!!!  They would barely fit and what I hadn't told hubs or son was that they were the candles that keep lighting up.  The warning on the package said not to put them close together because they flame up so much - yikes!  It was quite the fiery display and hubs was getting upset with kiddo because he couldn't even manage to blow out some little candles - LOL!  I finally confessed and we all had a good laugh, but the candles were melting down and hubs almost burned his fingers trying to get them out while still burning!  Oh my...good times!

Not the typical birthday celebration, but we had a good time!  And a couple days later he got to enjoy some chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes - yummmm!

Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on posting over here little by little!  Hope the few of you that found me here are doing well!  :)

Hugs to all!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Little Place Makes Me Happy

I haven't written over here in so long because I started writing again at Stop and Smell the Chocolates, but this little blog still makes me smile when I stop by.  I like it here!  Well except for how I made the pictures crooked on the side - must fix that - LOL!

I'm toying with the idea of using this blog and my main one.  I would continue to post recipes and blogging-world sorts of posts at Stop and Smell the Chocolates, but post more personal day-to-day stuff here.  And if I posted a yummy recipe over there, I would let you know here.  Don't want everybody to feel obligated to follow more than one blog!  Haven't made up my mind though - I'm kind of wishy-washy if you haven't noticed!  :) If I do that, I would probably start sometime in September.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!  I'm looking outside at sunshine, flowers, trees, and spiders (as long as they stay OUTside, I'm OK) and listening to birds chirping and the windchimes in the breeze.  It's a lovely morning!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bits of Brilliance

I love to sit at my table and look out the kitchen windows in the morning.  I watch the birds staying busy and the squirrel making his rounds.  I admire the flowers and dream of finishing undone backyard projects.  This sleepy Monday morning I was sitting still and quiet, drinking in the view with the sweetness of sunshine after all the rain.

Brilliant bits of light on the honeysuckle bush caught my attention.  They were flashing blue as if they were tiny bits of flame.  I realized that the sunlight was shining into the yard and reflecting off of water droplets, giving the appearance of tiny flashing lights decorating the bushes.  As I moved my head, the color changed from blue to green and then on to red - a delightful rainbow.  Only God could provide such simply beautiful decorations.  I moved my head another direction and the lights were no longer visible to me.  As I sat back in my original position to again admire the decor, I realized that I only saw the flashing bits of brilliance because God placed me in the perfect position at the perfect time and opened my eyes to see them.

The Scriptures are filled with flashing bits of brilliance and simply beautiful blessings.  But we don't see all of them at once.  Often they are found in the stillness and quiet, like a sleepy Monday morning.  God places us in the perfect position at the perfect time and opens our eyes to see the brilliance and beauty that has always been there, but has been invisible to us.

I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty,
And on Your wondrous works.  Psalm 145:5

May your day be filled with bits of beauty and brilliance from the Lord!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Whew - Got 'R Done!

Got what done?  A project?  Deep cleaning?  Cooking?  No, no, no.  Something more important than all of those (in my opinion)!  I apologize in advance if you feel any of this is TMI.  :)

If you are 40 or older or even near 40, then you know that there is a certain appointment that women dread.  A supposedly very painful, possibly humiliating sort of appointment that involves flattening some things.  I turned 40 last April and I was determined to git 'r done before I turned 41 (hey - look at me - a month and a half to spare - LOL)!  I had that appointment today!  Yay - pat on the back for me!

And you know what?  It's  I am blessed to have an HMO with a radiology department that lets you walk in for a mammogram - no appointment needed.  I decided (and prayed for strength) that today was THE day, no matter what.  I even made a call and delayed a coffee date with a friend to make sure I had enough time.  It was quick and easy!  It truly was not near as bad as I imagined it would be.  Was it pleasant?  No.  Was I being a big baby about it for no good reason?  Yes.  Did I reward myself with Starbucks afterward?  Yes.  :)

If you haven't had one yet, here are a few tips:

~ Make your appointment for sometime within 2 weeks of your last cycle for less sensitivity.
~ You can take ibuprofen before you go (I did, but am not sure it was even necessary or if it had even kicked in yet).
~ Don't wear any deodorant, perfumes, or lotions as the residue could interfere with the x-ray.
~ Don't be embarrassed at having a stranger doing the, ahem...positioning, 'cause she's a medical professional and she does it
~ Speak up if you are in a lot of pain.  It should be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and maybe hurt a teensy bit, but not be extremely painful.
~ Don't panic if you are called back so they can double-check something.  That does NOT mean you have cancer.  Apparently this can often happen on the first one as there's nothing to compare it to so they will fully check out anything that looks abnormal.
~ My HMO recommends having a first mammogram at 40 and then annually thereafter.  If you have higher risk due to family history of breast cancer, you should talk to your doctor to see if you should start sooner.

Any other tips?  Did you git 'r done?  Will you if you haven't yet?

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who Completes You?

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard the end of an interview that John Tesh did with some Dr.  She was mentioning how we shouldn't be looking to others to complete us, but rather ourselves.  She finished with "You complete you."  I have to say, I was disappointed to hear this message on a Christian radio station.  I understand that she's coming from a kind of self-esteem and taking care of yourself point-of-view, but in my opinion, this confusing message is part of the reason that women struggle so!

If I had to complete myself, I would be in big trouble my friends!  I am a lowly sinner and I would complete myself with selfish desires.  I am SO happy that I don't have to complete myself - there is only ONE who completes me - the Lord Jesus Christ!  Through Him and only through Him, I am whole.  But after Him, I look to my husband to complete me and there's nothing wrong with that!  When we got married, we became one flesh.  He is a part of me and I am a part of him, so how could I be complete without him?  Not to mention my son - who is truly a part of me and a part of his father.  He completes our family!

I'm not trying to be profound or anything here (hey - I haven't finished my cup of coffee yet - LOL), just sharing my thoughts.  It troubled me ever since I heard it the other day.

What do you think?  Who completes you?

Have a lovely day friends!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)

P.S.  I'm going to be doing a weight-loss post to join in with my friend Alicia, but I think for now I'll post it over at my healthy blog - sometime later today.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

We're not really big Valentine's Day celebraters here.  In fact, I posted last year on my other blog of things that I like better than roses or diamonds (plus I'd rather have it all throughout the year than just on one day!).  We did exchange a couple of small gifts, which was nice, and son even surprised me with a gift he made at school - so sweet!  And I did consume a raspberry mocha from Peet's coffee, which I figured is the sort of drink one should have on Valentine's Day.  :)

I did plan a dinner for the family which was all new recipes that I thought we'd all like.  Unfortunately, my timing didn't go as well as I had hoped (that is nothing unusual for me) and I crammed too many things into one day.  Dinner did happen, but we ended up eating it while watching Toy Story 3 since I had no time or room left to set a nice table!  However, we loved the movie (we've seen it before) and loved the food - yay!

My biggest mishap of the evening?

That would be instant strawberry ice cream (frozen strawberries, sugar, and heavy cream blended and poured in a shallow pan to freeze) spilled all down the freezer and even onto the floor.  We did have about half a pan left!  Of course this happened when I had a million other things to do in a short amount of time - LOL!

Ah, but there are always silver linings! 
 ~ I didn't have to clean up the ice cream that spilled on the floor as the dog licked it all up for me. 
 ~ My freezer is getting the good cleaning it desperately needed. 
 ~ Hubs and I will be consuming far less high-calorie ice cream which will mean less weight gain.  :)

Making me smile today:
My Valentine's gift from hubs - a set of devotionals I was hoping for!

Got any good Valentine's Day stories?  Have a lovely day friends!

Smiling in the sunshine though I know a storm is on its way,
Lisa  :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm No Quitter

Well, I *officially* quit blogging on my main blog in December.  I didn't really feel led to come back other than an occasional post on my semi-secret blog (Letting the Words Out).  Over the last few days, I've felt a pull just to put something out there, but on a new blog.  I kept ignoring it as the thought of worrying about comments, e-mails, and more distractions from daily life might cause me to get further behind at home.

But after a lovely chat with a friend today, I realized what I could have - a place for friends to stop by and chat, a place for a quick hello and a hug, and a place to think upon the little blessings of the day.  No obligations, but an outlet for my thoughts and a place of encouragement to continue in the daily things I'm called to do.

I have no idea what to expect here, but you are always welcome friends!

Things I've been trying to ignore:
- large pile of clean dishes to put away
- dog drool marks on hardwood floors
- stacks of unsorted paperwork

Things making me smile today:
- 2 blooming daffodils in the back yard
- green hummingbird at the honeysuckle bush
- free Starbucks iced caramel latte
- chatting with friends

What are you trying to ignore?  What's making you smile?  Do share!

So I guess I can't really say I quit blogging...because here I am!  :)

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)