Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The One Pic Christmas

I'm the worst about taking pics at Christmas!  I guess it's because we have such a small family and only exchange a small number of gifts.  And because I like to enjoy the moments without having to worry about taking pics I suppose.  So I took a pic of the kiddo the day after!

That remote control helicopter was his fave gift!  He's already pretty good at flying it too!

We know that being able to buy gifts for each other is quite a blessing that we are very thankful for.  But we would enjoy Christmas and praise the Lord just as much if we had no gifts!

We had a quiet Christmas morning.  Got up nice and early, but couldn't figure out why hubs wanted to start opening gifts before I at least started some coffee for myself.  That's because he got me a Keurig!  What a lovely blessing!  Don't know where he got the idea unless it was from me constantly pointing them out and saying "Hello Keurig" every time a commercial came on - LOL!!

We sent kiddo hunting for the helicopter.  He loves it when we give him clues to follow to find his gift.  I remembered that at about midnight Christmas Eve of course.  That's when hubs confessed that he had come up with clues for *me* to follow, but we could just use them for kiddo instead.  Perfect!  And what hubs didn't know was that I had secretly bought a remote control helicopter for him too (awesome Vision Forum deal that I couldn't pass up!) - and I came up with clues for him to follow!  It makes for lots of fun!

After opening gifts, we enjoyed a breakfast of Baked Caramel French Toast, fruit salad, and bacon - oh and COFFEE - LOL!  And then, the best part about Christmas being on a Sunday - we went to worship!

After we came back, it was solid cooking for me as I had much to finish for Christmas dinner.  We had 2 of hubs' brothers over for dinner.  We had ham, scalloped potatoes, parmesan green beans, salad, beer bread, and cranberry butter.  For dessert there was peppermint-chocolate ice cream pie and cranberry-raspberry mousse chocolate cake.  Yes, we were full!  The brothers hung around the next day too and we had leftovers of course!

It was a blessed and enjoyable Christmas!  I even managed to get some decorations up on Christmas Eve (I know, I know) which helped things feel more festive.  But NO pics  - except the one the day after.  Maybe I'll do better this year?  Maybe I'll have two pics?  :)

I pray that you all had a lovely Christmas and that your new year is full of blessings!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)


  1. I love the clue idea. That makes it so much more fun. My boys all have helicopters and they love them. The high ceilings and new "landing pads" in our home makes it a lot more fun. LOL!
    And KUDOS on your Keurig. You know I love mine! I'm so proud of you making your own coffee and stuff. LOL! And to think I may have had something to do with it. HA!
    Love you girlie!

  2. Your Christmas sounds lovely, Keurig coffee maker, remote control helicopters and church with family.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration, and I love that you got your Keurig! * Let me know the pros and cons on your end as we are looking at different choices as well.

    As a matter of fact, I bet you may know the answer to my question, so I will email you.


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