Friday, January 27, 2012

There Once Was A Boy Who Liked Nonsense

I recently gave my kiddo a homeschooling Literature assignment of writing a haiku and a limerick.  I thought it would help him to better remember what haikus and limericks were all about plus I thought it would be a fun thing for him to do.  Apparently he thought it was torture - LOL!

He did his best to write silly nonsense of course, but his limerick did make me laugh.  I suppose some could read it and think it sounds a bit violent, but if you knew my kid you would realize he's just being silly - and a boy.  :)

Here's your literary enrichment for the day:

Somebody once bumped right into me.
He started to walk away rudely.
He was then at my side
When I whacked his poor hide,
And then he began crying profusely.

Do your kids love silliness and nonsense as much as my kid?  Have a sweet & silly day friends!

Smiling in the sunshine,
Lisa  :)


  1. That is HILARIOUS. I'm so gonna make my boys do this next week... it will kill them LOL

  2. Oh my, I love it. Oh boy, if our boys ever meet in real life, watch out. LOL!


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